About us

WACEK is a high quality manufacturer of fiberglass and cast resin (polyester) products.

Our large collection consists among others of garden and decorative figures, coffee tables, wall decorations, advertising figures, columns, vases, urns, lamps, statues, torsos, flower pots, etc.

Our actual assortment:

  • 700 units of fiberglass and polyester objects – garden, advertising and decorative
  • 300 coffee tables in various designs
  • 300 wall decorations in unique compositions

We sand for a continuously:

  • introduction of new technologies
  • usage of high quality components
  • treining of our staff
  • creation of new, oryginal designs and models

Wacek's service for you: exclusive tailor made figures according to your requirements.

We kindly invite you to work together!

New products: